6 Goldrich Grove, Elgin, Ashburton

This property exhibits the following points of interest:
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Property overview
Bedroom:   3   Building type:   Residential-Dwelling-2010/2019
Bathroom:   2   Building age : 2014
Land area:   714 m2  Property ID (QPID):   2837866

Rating Valuation

A Rating Valuation is an indicative market value at the date of valuation that is updated every three years. It includes the Capital Value, floor area and construction materials. It can be helpful when comparing properties.

Valuation date:   01/07/2012   Valuation reference:   data placeholder icon
Capital value:   data placeholder icon   Floor area:   data placeholder icon
Land value:   data placeholder icon   Site area:   data placeholder icon
Improvement value:   data placeholder icon   Carparks:   data placeholder icon
Wall construction:   data placeholder icon   Rateability:   data placeholder icon
Roof construction:   data placeholder icon   Associated with Maori Land:  
Tenure :   data placeholder icon   Property name:   -
Zone :   data placeholder icon   Ownership:   data placeholder icon
Use:   data placeholder icon   Units:   data placeholder icon

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Urgent update to Rating Value

You can have your property's Rating Value reviewed so that it reflects changes to the property that have been applied since the last revaluation.

If you've made any renovations or upgrades that did not require local council building consent, QV may not be aware of these. An Urgent Rating Value Review will take such changes into account, compare your Rating Value with that of similar properties, and determine a value as at the date of your last general revaluation. Find out more about an Urgent Rating Value Review.

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Property changes

Before investing in a LIM report from the council, this report can help identify if there have been any extensive renovations and subdivisions, by tracking changes to floor and land area as well as changes to value since 1991.

Date Valuation date Capital value Land value Land area Floor area
10/04/2014 01/07/2012 data placeholder icon data placeholder icon 714 m2 data placeholder icon
27/06/2013 01/07/2012 data placeholder icon data placeholder icon 714 m2 data placeholder icon
Building consent

If you have any questions over recent renovations or additions on a property this report provides information on what has been approved since 2010.

Date Description Value


Gain a better understanding of the natural hazards that may affect this property. View information about Natural Hazards in New Zealand and how they are determined.
Hazard type Description Rating
Earthquake Hazard Earthquake frequency data placeholder icon
Landslide Hazard Susceptibility to landslide as assessed from slope/rock strength model data placeholder icon
Coastal Hazard Is this property in an area that could be susceptible to tsunami inundation? data placeholder icon
Flood Hazard Is this property in an area where soils data indicate that it may be susceptible to flooding? data placeholder icon

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Rating Valuation, E-Valuer (incl. up to 10 comparable sales).

Comprehensive Pack

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Rating Valuation, Property Changes, Hazard, Previous Sales, Title Details, Local Area Sales (up to 30), Building Consents, E-Valuer (incl. up to 10 comparable sales).

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