Mortgage Calculator

How much will that mortgage really cost you? Is it really better to rent or own and how much can you really afford? A great place to start is a mortgage calculator where you can factor in your deposit, today's mortgage rates. The calculator helps you work out your likely repayment amount, as well as what the exact interest and loan amounts will be that you’ll pay over the specified term. Add another calculator to compare two different purchase prices or what would happen if interest rates change.

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Minimum Fortnightly Repayments

Loan: $    Interest: $    Loan Repaid: $ p.a.

Change the values to calculate potential loan details.

House Price: $

$100,000 $1,000,000

Deposit: $

$0 $500,000

Loan Term: Years   Months

6 Months 30 Years

Interest: % p.a.

1% 10%

Payment Frequency:

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