We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to access the property information you need.  But sometimes there will be questions you need answering or something may not be available or working as it should. 


If you are new to the site and need some help finding your way around, you can find some helpful videos and PDF tips here.


If you can’t find the answers you are looking for below or you still need some help, please contact our Customer Support Team between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday:


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Registering and accessing information

Do I have to register to access property information?  How do I register?

You have to register to purchase property information, although there is free local and suburb information you can see without having to register.  You can register here then simply log in and select the property information you need.


Can I go back and view property information that I've already purchased?

Yes, once you purchase any information it will always be available when you search for the same address.  It will also be saved to your Purchases section in My QV.  When you purchase any information you also have the option to print, download or have it emailed to you.


How can I change my email address or personal information?

You can change your email address or any of your personal information by logging into My QV and going to Settings, found at the top right of the page.  Any emails, including notifications and PDF reports, will be sent to the email address you login with.


I can't find the property I am looking for?

If you are having problems entering an address, you can try the following:

  • Make sure that you select the correct address from the drop down list that will appear once you start entering an address.  If the address that you are looking for doesn't appear in the list, try entering the street name by itself and viewing the search results.
  • Do you live in a flat or apartment?  If so try entering the address as 12B Fernwood Court, or 1/12 Fernwood Court. 
  • If none of these tips work for you then try using the Advanced Search options, where you can search by information such as legal or valuation details. You can find the Advanced Search button to the right of the address search box.

Logging in

Can't remember your login details?

If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot your password when logging in.  You will then be sent an email confirming how you can reset your password.


Remember, the email address you need to login with is the one you used to register.


If you are still having problems logging in please contact our Customer Support Team.


Where is the information sourced?

Corelogic New Zealand Limited (CoreLogic NZ) maintains a national property database which holds information on every property in New Zealand. We receive property information and sales data as part of the District Valuation Roll (DVR) from each of the councils in New Zealand, and we update our database regularly.


We also receive Certificate of Title information from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), this is updated regularly.


How can this information be made available to the public?

Both the information from the councils and from LINZ is classified as Public Register Information and Public Register Supporting Information. Therefore, the information can be made available to any member of the public who wishes to search the information.


What do I do if I don't want my personal information available to the public?

You can approach your local council and request the removal of your name from the District Valuation Roll records. In certain circumstances (e.g. where a restraining order exists in relation to domestic violence) you may also be able to seek removal of your name by Land Information New Zealand from the Certificate of Title.


What do I do if I find results that are incorrect?

If you find that the information we hold about your property is incorrect, please call our Customer Support Team and we will update our records. Please note, this will not automatically change the information that your local council holds about you, so you will also need to change your details with them. 

Property information

Why is some property information unavailable?

Availability of some property information can depend on a multitude of factors, including the type of property, our ability to identify a property’s geo-coordinates, and whether specific information is available.  For example, our local sales information relies on geo-coordinates, our E-valuer is only available for residential properties and relies on having a certain number of comparable sales, and our Certificate of Title relies on identifying a property’s information from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).


What does it mean when it says there is an update available to the property information?

Where you have purchased property information, occasionally you may see a message saying there is an update available.  This will normally be a particular element within a report that has been updated. 


If you would like to receive email notifications about any updated information on a property you can add that property to your favourites list using the button in the top right hand corner, and then make sure you click to receive notifications.


How long does it take a sale to show and why do some sales not appear?

CoreLogic NZ receives property sales regularly from each of the local councils and our website is updated weekly with any new sales information that has been received.


If the sale has only occurred recently, we may not have received the sale yet. We receive sales information from the local council after settlement of the sale is complete. Settlement is usually 4-6 weeks after the agreement date. At that time the solicitor completes the sale notice and forwards this to the local council.  The majority of sales will be in our system 6-8 weeks after the agreement date.


Once you have searched for a property, under the Sales Info tab you can see the date at which the last sale occurred. This lets you check whether a sale is loaded yet, so you don’t have to buy the information only to find it’s not the recent sale you are after.


If it is a historic sale that is missing, then the most likely reason is that the sale has not been notified to the local council and therefore has not been notified to CoreLogic NZ. It can also be missing due to circumstances such as records not being carried over as a result of subdivisions.  In any of these circumstances please let us know and where possible we will try to get this information and update our records.


Why is my house showing as being part of a different suburb?

We categorise properties in suburbs based on the suburb boundaries defined by the Emergency Services.  This may mean that your property is being shown in a suburb which you normally wouldn’t associate it with.

Property statistics

Corelogic NZ provides a number of different statistics on property values to help make smarter property decisions.


What is the Residential Value Index?

The Residential Value index provides an indication of residential property values.  Average values are provided as an indicator of property values in an area to assist with comparisons between areas. They are calculated monthly and provide an annual property value movement for areas throughout New Zealand. We recommend referring to the Value Index to verify change in property values over time, rather than the average sales price, as the average sales prices can be impacted by the types of properties selling, or low volumes of property sales. 


We recommend using these values when commenting on property trends, because it reduces the impact of extra-ordinary circumstances and low volume of sales, thereby providing a more robust indication of market house price trends.


How are the regions and city areas defined?

Property value statistics are provided for each council area throughout New Zealand. Five main urban areas (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin) also have property value statistics available for areas within the cities. The attached spreadsheet outlines the boundaries for each of these areas within the cities. 


How can I change my region?

You can change your region and any of your subscription details by logging into My QV and going to Settings, found at the top right of the page.     


What is the Corelogic NZ Quarterly House Price Index (HPI)?

The Corelogic NZ Quarterly House Price Index (HPI) is an index used to measure the movement in house prices over time on a quarterly basis.  The index takes into account the sale price in relation to the Capital Value of properties sold, as well as the volume of sales within that area.  It is compiled quarterly for all sales up to the end of the previous quarter.


How is the HPI calculated?

The HPI is calculated by taking freehold open market sales and applying the following methodology:

  • The sum of all sale prices are taken and divided by the sum of all current capital values of these properties to calculate a price to value (p/v) ratio.
  • The p/v ratio is applied to the total capital values of all properties within a Territorial Authority (TA) to calculate an estimated current total valuation for all properties within that TA.             
  • The estimated current total valuation is divided by the number of properties within the TA to calculate an average current valuation for that TA. 
  • The current average value is compared to the current average value at December 2003 to create a current index value. 

Pricing and payment queries

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes, they are. We have undertaken every precaution to ensure that your details are safe and cannot be tampered with.  We use a secure server when you submit your credit card details, and we protect your information by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts your information when transmitted over the Internet.  


Why is does the pricing change for property packs?

The property packs are all dynamically updated based on what you purchase prior.  Basically, you will receive an automatic discount for any information you buy that overlaps with a pack – so you only ever pay once for the original information.  Read more about property packs and pricing.


If I have a business account, what payment options are available? 

As a business account you can choose to pay by credit card or monthly invoicing.  There are fees and charges that apply.  Read more about payment methods for business account.


How can I change my payment method for my business account?

If you would like to change your payment method, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Ordering Title documents

When can I order Title documents and what if I need it urgently?

Title documents can be ordered anytime, however, orders are processed on business days between 8am and 6pm.  Please allow up to 1 business day for delivery. If you require your Title document urgently (within 30 minutes), you can select our urgent delivery option when you are ordering your documents.


What information do I need to order a Certificate of Title, Instrument or Plan?

Ordering a Certificate of Title, instrument or plan is easy.  Simply search for the property address and purchase the Certificate of Title details.  After this, all other Title documents available will show.


What do I do if I receive the wrong document or I want to cancel my order?

If you receive the wrong document please contact our Customer Support Team.  Make sure you have your email address handy.  Please remember you can only cancel your order prior to receiving the document.

Promotion codes

How do I use a promotion code?

To use your promotion code, just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Search for the property address you wish to purchase information on.
  2. Find the property information you wish to purchase and select the Buy button.
  3. Enter the Promotion Code that you have received in the Promotion Code box and press Submit.
  4. You then have to tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Enter any further details needed, including your credit card details, and select the Purchase button at the bottom of the page.
  6. The property information will then be displayed on screen as well as in My QV.

Photo guidelines

Photographing the property

To ensure that the photo of a property displayed is accurate and best reflects the current property, you can provide a new photo to us. 


Here are some guidelines for how to take a photo of a property:

  • Try to take the photo on a bright, sunny day.
  • Remove any cars that are parked in the driveway.
  • Make sure that there are no people in the photo.
  • Where possible the photo should be taken from a public area such as the road or footpath.  Where this doesn’t give you the best view of the front of the property try take it from the viewpoint of someone walking towards the front steps.
  • Remember also that any photo taken from within the property must only be taken with the permission of the owner of the property.


Respecting rights to privacy

The photos displayed on the site have been taken from the street or provided by someone with permission from the owner.  We have attempted to ensure the photos of any properties are free of any identifiable people or vehicles, to respect people’s rights to privacy.  If for any reason you are unhappy with the photo displayed for your property, you can request that we replace the photo with a new one that you provide or request the removal of the photo.


Uploading your photo

If you’d like to update the photo displayed for your property, you can supply us with a new photo.  The photo must be saved in either a .gif or .jpg format and be under 5MB in size. To resize or crop a photo we recommend using Picasa, it's easy to use and free.


To upload a new photo of a property simply:

  1. Search for the property
  2. Click the “Add/Edit Photo” link below the photo in the Property overview section.
  3. Complete the simple form and photo upload process.


We will then review the new photo and if it complies with our requirements we will make the photo available on the site. To ensure the photo will be of an acceptable standard please read the “photographing the property” section above.


Removal of photos

If you would like to request the removal of a photo of your property you can notify us by:

  1. Searching for the property
  2. Clicking on the “Add/Edit Photo” link below the photo in the Property overview section.
  3. Complete the simple removal request form.


We will then endeavour to process your request within 5 working days.