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Get access to property information for a specific address, street, suburb or region. From Rating Valuations and previous sales of the property, to more detailed local sales, Certificate of Title and building consent information.


For the best value, we have created a number of property packs to meet your needs when looking for information on a property or multiple properties. 

Property packs

The table below lists the property information available within each pack. You can also search for a property using the search box above and see what information is available. The Home Buyers Pack is a new offering that allows you to get the best value by giving you access to 5 Comprehensive property reports to access anytime throughout your property search. 


If you’re unsure what information you need have a look at some of the most common scenarios for which each report can be used, and decide the right report for you.


If the price for a given pack is discounted, not all parts of that pack are available for the property you've searched for. Please check across all tabs before you purchase any pack that the property information you require is available.



Property Pack


Property Pack


Property Pack


Home Buyers

Individual information Cost
Number of properties 1 1 1 5
Property overview FREE

The basic details of a property including number of bedrooms, land area, and the age of the building.

Property photo FREE

An image of the property taken from the street, if available.

Rating Valuation $3.25

A Rating Valuation is an indicative market value at the date of valuation that is done every three years. It includes the Capital Value, floor area and construction materials. It can be helpful when comparing properties.

Property changes $5.95 - -

Before investing in a LIM report from the council, this report can help identify if there have been any extensive renovations and subdivisions, by tracking changes to floor and land area as well as changes to value since 1991.

Building consent $4.95 - -

If you have any questions over recent renovations or additions on a property this report provides information on what has been approved since 2010.

Hazard risks $9.95 - -

This hazard summary allows you to gain better understanding of the natural hazards that may affect a property.

Previous sales of the property $4.95 -

Have confidence in your numbers when making an offer by getting a sales history of a property from as early as 1981. All sales notified to the local council will be included.

Local area sales (up to 30) $59.70 (up to) - -

View properties recently sold in the area. To get the sales you're most interested in, you can filter by price, sale date, bedrooms and more.

E-valuer (incl. up to 10 comparable sales) $49.95 -

Get an instant estimate of a property’s value, based on recent, nearby comparable sales in the area.

Certificate of Title details $5.95 -

At a glance, key legal information on a property including ownership details, references and interests.

Total Cost $144.65 $9.95 $49.95 $79.95 BUY $150
Total Value $144.65 $14.15 $53.20 $144.65 $723.25

Pay only once

If you purchase a property report and in the future need more information, you can purchase one of our property packs and automatically receive a discounted price for any information that overlaps. So, you only pay once for the original information.


Once you purchase any property information from us, you can continue to access view it by searching for the same address.  It will also be saved in My QV for easy, future reference.  We will also alert you when new or updated information is available that relates to the information you have already bought.