Balancing Function and Style in your Living Space

Date: 05 October 2018

Your living room is unequivocally one of the most important spaces in your home. It is a space to lounge, to entertain and to reset. You’ll share precious memories in this space, laughs over a glass of wine, and many a Sunday afternoon re energising for the week to come. Your living room has so many functions it’s hard to find the happy medium between functionality and style, balancing the two will be a continuous juggle, dancing the fine line between comfort, and your interior aesthetic.
Consider the flow of your room. Although you may think you need as much lounging space as possible, consider the configuration first. This has major implications on the flow and structure of your space. An L shaped lounge may feel like the ultimate option to accomplish the right balance of functionality and feel, however left unconsidered this could mean you’re restricting half your space, cutting off the natural flow and leaving you with a space that feels cluttered and overwhelming. Opt for the right lounge alignment, and if this is not available in the style you’re seeking, then choose a suitable alternative, either in the form of occasional chairs, or a daybed if that’s an option. It’s imperative you can disconnect from your initial vision and not forgo what is functional for something that you had your heart set on. 
Choose pieces that are versatile above all else. If you have a coffee table that has a second storage shelf, a multipurpose magazine sling, or a fold out table component (among other nifty features) then your living room is already earning functionality points. By choosing versatile pieces, beyond simply bringing the ‘cool factor’ (which they do!) you can score high in both function and style. If you’re not interested in gadgets or gimocks then simply utilising standard spaces for multi-purposes can tick this box. A book shelf that doubles as a display piece, with a handful of carefully stacked books (in a more is more way!) paired with classic staples - a beautiful vase, a classic frame or crystalware - will amplify the function of the space with a chic finish.
Keep in mind, as always, your living room truly is for living and you do this best comfortable. Comfort is key! This might mean doubling up on the pillows, a throw here or there and even opting for some additional floor ottomans. These are a great substitute for occasional chairs, doubling down as lightweight pieces that can be moved easily and efficiently. A functional item that is comfortable (tick), flexible (tick), and serves as a damn good seat (tick, tick, tick). Plus a few little floor cushions can repair the hole that was left by your dream of owning a L shaped lounge - trust me, I’ve been there!

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