Colour Crush: Living Coral

Date: 09 January 2019

Pantone has officially released its colour of the year for 2019, ‘Living Coral’ or Pantone 16-1546. The vibrant coral hue is a tribute to the fixation with warmer hues in both interiors and fashion over the past months (and foreseeable future). Aptly echoing the striking, eye catching coral shades, muted by mellow undertones, Living Coral is a bold colour choice for your home. Choosing to integrate it in ways that highlight it’s strength but compliment your existing colour palette is both challenging AND exciting. Take the opportunity to refresh your colour scape and inject some vibrancy into your interior style on whatever scale you can muster.
Start small – which I think has been my favourite mantra of 2019. If you’re hesitant, begin integrating the colour scheme in small doses and work your way up to a bold shade. This could be as simple as choosing a piece of art that has speckles of coral dotted through it. Or perhaps selecting a photograph to hand above your bed of a sunburnt landscape or beautiful rock formation that reflects the coral hues. As always, linens, in the way of cushions, duvets, throws or table cloths can provide that much needed colour you’re seeking and are just as easy to pack away when you have had your fair share. This can be seasonal or event driven as well. Using seasonal elements to bring in the hue is a refreshing way to trial the colour, beautiful ruby grapefruit in your fruit bowl or on your grazing platter is a real treat. In the summertime, Living Coral seems like the perfect hue to trial but this may not last you through winter so ensure you consider this with any long term decisions.
If you’re feeling bold, and have fallen head over heels for this hue, then bring it in boldly with occasional chairs that become the hero of your living space. For Living Coral I suggest making your hero considered but bold, this could be refurbishing an old dresser or bar you have and taking the time to sand and paint it to become a feature in your outdoor entertaining space. Choosing the right colour compliments is crucial to ensure the result is elevated and fresh.
As always, review whether this is a beautiful fit for your home. If you feel Living Coral is too bold, then take inspiration from this hue, and choose mild/soft tones that are a within the same family of shades. Think terracotta, or peach shades to bring in that warmth but maintain your muted palette.  

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