Colour Crush: Sage

Date: 16 October 2018

Ahh sage, the creamier, serene cousin of mint green. Aside from seriously trending on Pinterest, sage’s other talents include, neutralising contrasting tones in a room, amplifying the level of calm in a space, and really mastering the under the radar approach in interiors. Blending effortlessly with natural wood, metalics and contrasting hues. Sage is a seamless way to integrate a taste of colour without impacting the harmony of your space.
There are of course, some considerations, as always. When choosing your perfect shade of sage, careful not to err into bright territory, keeping in mind this should still fall into the ‘neutrals’ category. Paint colours typically appear brighter on the wall than when you pick them from a swatch on the shelf so consider this in your selection. Opt for a slightly more subdued hue than you want to ensure your expectation, meets the reality. 
Choose your room wisely. The room dictates the hue, and the pairings. Sage will affect the mood and ambience of the space so ensure you keep this front of mind when planning how this will filter through your home. Don’t be so rigid in your creativity, initially you may be thinking to simply paint - and don’t get me wrong this is an expert way to explore the shade - however sage can be integrated into a room in tiles, paneling and even cabinetry. 
It has greater impact in spaces that it can truly be the hero. For you, it may simply be the featured wall in the master bedroom, if you’re feeling wary. If you’re quite smitten with the hue, it can feature en masse or in detailed patterns through bathroom tiles, kitchen splashback or your cabinetry. For the most cautious, it may be worthwhile simply trialling in soft furnishings and decor before you take the plunge. Natural greenery like eucalyptus throws this hue along with a crisp fragrance, sensory explosion in more ways than one!
Then, work to find its dream pairings. Sage has a beautiful friend in brass details. Brass adds an element of warmth, injecting a little personality and met halfway with crisp whites, creamy nudes, or off white to expertly build your colour profile. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, don’t be afraid to pair sage with something unexpected. Balance the hue notes to best complement the details, a coffee toned or sand base, charcoal and even pink clay or blush are hues that marry for an outcome that feels carefully considered and restrained.

Tags: home improvement, home decor