Colour Crush: Terracotta

Date: 10 August 2018

Terracotta, typically associated with sand hues and a desert landscape, but it had a big moment in Australia’s suburban scene. Everything from roof tiles, to pavers, and driveways were littered with this warm shade and you couldn’t spot a garden bed without a terracotta pot or planter – likely the home to a herb garden or two. Although gradually disappearing from suburban developments, and being replaced with modern grey tones, terracotta is making a come-back! This time in the form of interiors, taking a more organic shape and being celebrated as the colour to watch for the season. Far from its neighbouring orange, terracotta has an earthiness to it, that it’s cousin doesn’t. Paired with colours of the earth, if you try one colour this season, make it this one!
For a little taste of how this would look and feel in your home explore a deep clay shade in a texture that Is evocative of sunburnt landscape. The red center of Australia, desert landscapes, Moroccan horizons. Each with its own distinct flavour but softened with white walls or a light timber flooring gives you a pop of colour without pushing your boundaries too far. If you’re concerned about making choices with your home that are classic and timeless then this is the way to explore a colour love you may not have tried before. As always, bringing elements of the colour in through your dressings are a cost-effective way to trial it without permanency. Glassware and table linens are another great way to explore this, but the most authentic to the origins or terracotta would be through pottery. If you have a love of ceramics, now is the time to explore those terracotta hues and bring some pottery in its most organic shapes (to keep that earthy look and feel) into your home.
If your Pinterest board is saturated with inspiration from northern Africa and sand dune landscapes that litter the Mediterranean then I would suggest you’re ready to take this trend to the next level. Your bathroom is such an exciting place to explore this colour palette as somewhere that in our modern homes are usually reserved for white, black and grey. To amplify your wow factor, with the right colour pairing your home can feel like an oasis. Taking these terracotta hues and using modern patterns – you can find some great examples in the Sarah Ellison x Terranova Range – gives this colour a fresh platform in our new age homes.

Tags: Interior Design, Colour, Renovation