Elevating your Home in a few Easy Steps

Date: 29 November 2018

In an ideal world, we would all have an endless budget that we could use to splurge on all the luxe household items our little heart desires – reality however is far less inspiring, and we are forever doomed to live within our means. Rest assured you can make small changes in your home to elevate it in every corner without draining your bank account. Small steps for great reward will take your interior style to the next level.
Consider all the finishes. Think about how your finishes can add luxury to your space. If you have an all-white kitchen, consider matte black cupboard handles, or tapware for an elevated touch. Keep shapes modern and structured to maximise your output. You can extend this philosophy to any additional hardware in your home. Door handles, and curtain rails all qualify. If you’d prefer something with lower contrast, then stick to the same colour/pallet and focus your attention on the shapes. These small adjustments show consideration in your interiors and draw the eye. Choosing to even remove some of your finishes (i.e press to open cabinets) shows a consider approach to your interiors.
Mix your furniture and interiors with a fusion of one-off pieces and commercially accessible items. This might mean a bed base from Ikea alongside some custom bedside tables. Creating a space that is a fusion of bespoke and low-end products is both considered and accessible simultaneously. If custom furniture seems like it may take a few too many resources, then extend this to your décor and choose handmade over mass produced. An expertly crafted ceramic centrepiece has a level of luxury that you may not find in a piece that is littered through the homes around the country picked up from a quick trip to Kmart.
With that in mind, another option is to personalise mass produced pieces to you. Think #IkeaHacks and take a standard TV unit and personalise the door handles, or one step further and customise the cupboard doors. Remove glass panels and replace with woven rattan or paint them from white to a muted grey tone to compliment the rest of your interiors. This level of customisation requires a little bit of effort, and probably some trial and error. However, will elevate each room and have every guest wondering where you purchased that luxe cabinet, and how you managed to afford it.

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