Free weather info on any property in NZ

Date: 05 May 2014

When it comes to buying we all know that whether a property gets any sun and where it hits throughout the day is pretty important to us Kiwis. 

So, thanks to our partnership with GNS Science and data from NIWA, we are the first to have weather information on every single property across the country, and not just at a suburb level.   Better yet it’s all in one place and it’s free.  


How to find weather info on a property

Now when you search a property or suburb, you can see all the weather information you need about a property without having to actually be there. 

To find weather information on a property:

1.       Search the address

2.       Navigate to the Free Local Info tab

3.       Scroll down to the Weather Info area

As well as the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year you can see the average minimum and maximum temperatures, average rainfall, and average wind speed. 

We have also provided the same information for the property’s suburb, Territorial Authority (TA) and for New Zealand, so you can easily compare how your property fares. 


How it’s calculated

Without getting too technical, the sunshine information is based on when the sun hits the centre of the property and also takes into account other topography, including whether the property is on a slope, although excludes other buildings and trees.  The temperature, wind speed and rainfall data is taken from virtual weather stations approximately across the country.

What you can see

   Sunrise                      Temperature                  Rainfall                          Wind Speed  


As a little tip, if you hover over an area on the graph, it will also give you the exact times and figures, so there’s no guess work involved (as shown on the Sunrise and Sunset graph above).

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