Herb Garden Do's and Don't's

Date: 02 November 2018

The perfect addition to your dream kitchen, the ultimate herb garden. A small living thing to help grow, with (or without) a green thumb, it is easy enough to sustain and grow. It’s the perfect trial run for beginners before you dive right into a full-fledged veggie patch, but there are a few do’s and don’t’s to consider, ensuring your herb garden is fruitful!
Water Them (VERY) Regularly
Herbs need a lot of love in the form of water. If you can, install a run off irrigation system or plant them in a trough style planter to capture the run off, this will keep your plants damp and allow them to grow to their full potential.
Start Strong
Purchase and plant pre-established plants if you’re not a green thumb. This takes away the hardship of managing a seedling and pre-established means you can enjoy them immediately! No need to wait for a sprout!
Clip Them Frequently
Not only to enjoy all the goodness they have to offer, but to ensure they continue to grow. Frequent trims mean growing the biggest and best.
Plant Them in Direct Sunlight
Herbs certainly need a good dose of sun however planted in direct sunlight will leave your herbs subjected to the harsh rays. Wilted herbs are less delicious I can assure you. Planting your herbs in direct sunlight means more maintenance for you, you’ll have to be more conscious of how often you’re watering and caring for your plants.
Plant Perennials and Annuals in the Same Place
Perennials (think oregano, and mint) will grow like wildfire if given the chance and their neighbours surely don’t stand a chance. Do your best to group your herbs with this in mind and keep perennials and annuals separate to give both the best chance.
Go Too Hard Too Fast
If you’re not convinced you’ve got what it takes, then start small, choose one or two herbs (your favourites of course!) and pot them individually in some small beautiful pots that you can easily move. This way you can move them in and out of sunlight as you see fit, this will help you navigate where to plant your next herbs.

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