How To Create A No Sew Bed Canopy in 20 Minutes

Date: 01 June 2018

Kid’s canopies have been on the must-have kid’s design lists for a few years now, whether hung above the bed or used with cushions on the floor for a permanent tent/reading corner. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my no sew, 20 minute bed canopy, created with a queen-sized duvet cover set. It's been hanging up for 6 months now and is still going strong and very much loved by its bookworm owner who elected to hang LED lanterns up for "extra special magic mum". Here's how we did it: 
  • Queen duvet set (you need one of the pillows in the set too). 
  • Round garment holder (the ones used to dry socks/small garments…this is what creates the tent shape at the top of the canopy & enables the tent ‘ceiling’ to be styled).
  • Scissors. 
  • 2 x pieces of ribbon. 
  • Ceiling hook.
Basic canopy: 
  1. Open all the domes on the duvet cover (this is the short side of the duvet). 
  2. Gather one of the LONG sides of the duvet into a concertina fold (think back to when you made fans at kindy). 
  3. Tie the base of 'fan' with a hair tie
  4. Lay the duvet out on the ground, fan tie at the top. The two ‘shorter’ sides with the domes/buttons act as the front opening of the canopy
  5. Cut up the other LONG side of duvet (it's at the bottom), right up the seam to the corner.  
  6. Now go to the concertina fold at the top of the canopy. Cut a small slit in the bottom of one the concertina folds, towards the middle of the fan. 
  7. Wiggle up the hook of the garment-holder up through the slit that you've just cut. 
  8. Drill a small hole in the ceiling. 
  9. Screw a ceiling hook into the hole. 
  10. Loop a ribbon over the ceiling hook. Pick up the canopy using the hook of the garment holder (that you've just poked up through the canopy). 
  11. Tie the ceiling ribbon to the hook (so the canopy is now hanging from ceiling). 
Now you’ve got the basic canopy shape, and unless your kid is into the industrial look, it’s time for styling. This is where the garment holder is awesome: all those clips make it super easy. 
  1. To hide the hair-tie, wrap your second length of ribbon around it and tie into a bow. 
  2. Get one of the pillows from the duvet set and tuck it up under the peg holder thing to form the underside "roof" of the tent and to hide the peg thing, clip onto the pegs. 
  3. Add LED lanterns to the clips too if you like.  
  4. Fluff out the canopy and adjust it so it's hanging at an even level from ceiling.

Tags: Renovations, Craft, Bedroom