How To Give Pink A Chance

Date: 12 July 2018

Pink, among the boldest, and most feminine shades in our repertoire is alarming for most. Outside of an 8 year old’s fairy bedroom is seldom explored as an option for your home and rarely considered as a hero for your living space.
Even the most polarising of shades can bring a level of sophistication to your space, as long as you consider how you fuse it into your style. Whether you opt for fairy floss shades or raspberry hues, pink is certain to make an impact. With the right compliments can feel neutral and expertly balanced.
Choose Muted Tones
Here, it is important to choose a shade that complements the undertone of your interiors. Warm undertones call for muted clay, blush, fairy floss, nudes. Think colours of a sunset to amplify the warm tones within your space. This additional adds a level of depth with sophistication depending on where you choose to integrate it. For cooler tones, you can choose a millennial pink, or rose quartz shade that complements cool tones and pairs beautifully with charcoals. Those softer tones allow for the colour pop or depth of décor that you desire without compromising your style. 
Choose a hero piece
This could be a feature wall. Think muted clay wall in your living or kitchen space, paired with warm tones and wood features would simply feel like a natural progression of tone and palette. If you’re not in favour of a feature so permanent, then perhaps a hero piece of furniture. A striking occasional chair, or ottoman, will allow the colour to shine through in bite sized, digestible pieces rather than the full impact of a 3-seater lounge. Choosing a piece with complimenting metal finishes like a gold base or fixtures will elevate the final product.
But when all else fails...
Try it out on your accessories. If the thought of a pink sofa terrifies (rather than inspires you) then as always, start with your soft furnishings and décor elements that can be subtly infused into the space. Small vases and ceramics are a great way to build depth of colour, pairing nudes and speckled whites with fairy floss pink and deep pink hues. Your soft furnishings are easily replaceable and incredibly accessible (if you change your mind after a few weeks) and can be built on existing pieces. If you have a grey lounge already, choose soft quartz hues with a cool undertone to really hero that colour pairing.

Rosalie Molloy

Creative Director

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