Our Love Affair with the Chair

Date: 07 December 2018

It’s so important to realise that when styling your home, you are bound most by your imagination. Of course, budget is an impactful factor as well, however even the most expensive ideas can be replicated with a bit of creativity. There are many ways you can reimagine your seating within your home and many styles of this that you can consider across multiple rooms in your interiors. The dining room and living room are obvious choices, and of course there are creative ways to amplify the seating in these rooms – bench seats where chairs would have normally been - but factor in spaces where a chair wouldn’t be the hero and take the opportunity to let it shine.
By your bedside. Traditionally chairs have been limited to their functionality, but in recent years our Pinterest feeds have been littered with bedrooms using beautiful rattan woven chairs as a hero bedside table or a vintage bentwood chair that doubles as a piece of art with a functional element. Depending on what you store by your bedside this could be complete with a stack of books and your skincare routine. Choosing a chair that seamlessly pairs with your interior style with a considered flare can transform the landscape of your bedroom. 
Although we considered the living space already, reimagining the chair in this space can transform even the most structured space into a den of comfort. Consider implementing ottomans as an extension of the seating, whether that be alongside your lounge or otherwise. Or alternatively, a low line modular lounge to expertly frame your room, whilst providing maximum comfort.
But outside is where the chair can truly shine as a hero piece in your exterior. Traditionally restrained to outdoor settings or fold out chairs, the outdoor setting has been reinvented to reflect an exterior that is modern and refined. Using on-trend rattan chairs to create a feeling that is both bohemian and considered can provide you with a space that ticks every box - being both flexible and on trend. Or using a chair as a focal piece and constructing your exterior around your plans. This might mean building external beams that you can use to suspend an intricate hanging chair or allowing the space to create an inbuilt bench seat to support your outdoor dining plans. Whatever the reason, it’s time to let the chair be the hero again.

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