Property Survey uncovers real attitudes of Kiwis in the property market

Date: 16 September 2015

Property has become a major national pastime in New Zealand, with most of us buying, renovating or selling at least one property in our lifetime. Property and Real Estate is an important part of the average Kiwis life, in today’s market more than ever.

So we went directly to you, our customers,  to find out first-hand what New Zealanders really thought about property – what were  the drivers behind purchasing decisions, stress factors associated with buying and selling, and the attitudes of New Zealand ‘renters’ yet to buy their first home. A whopping 16,000 of you responded with frank thoughts and opinions on the property market.

The results of the survey showed us some of the challenges consumers faced and reflected the pressures of today’s housing market, with 67% of respondents having not looked at buying property in the least year.  But with growing property values, especially in Auckland, spreading across the country this comes as no surprise.

On the other hand, a third of respondents indicated they were looking to sell in the next year which could be seen to directly correlate with rising values as well and showed us interestingly, just how in-tune New Zealanders were with market trends.

Other trending factors were the barriers renters faced with house prices being the greatest deterrent, hampering 88% of non-homeowners from buying their first homes, while saving for a deposit was also high on the list.

Today we are happy to be sharing the complete results with you and hope our findings provide some much needed insight into how New Zealanders feel about the property market and what can be done to make buying and selling decisions easier for our customers.

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in the survey, we hope your feedback and results will help to inform other home buyers, sellers and Kiwis new to the property market.

View the results of the survey here.


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