The Art of Adding Texture to Every Room

Date: 08 November 2018

Texture is one of the holy décor trinity, colour, and shape wrapping up the checklist nicely. With the ability to greatly impact the look of your space, and absolutely the feel, you should consider how to add texture to your interiors in more ways than one.
As a general rule, the simplest way to incorporate texture in a home is through artfully selected textiles. In a living room, this could be a jute rug, or woven cushion. In a bedroom this could be a bed throw or duvet, linen, cotton or otherwise. Carefully select a range of textures to ensure the space doesn’t appear one dimensional. This is also a clever way to add complimentary tonal elements to an interior space without compromising on clutter. Using furniture as a means to add texture can become overcrowded very quickly but adding textiles increases comfort without compromising on space.
If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, why not try a textured wall? This could be executed with a lime wash paint (available at your local Bunnings!), rather accessibly, or if you’re looking to try something a little more permanent, you can apply a render to an interior wall to create a look that replicates the textured walls of southern Italy. Although effective inside, you can create a similar look outside with a wall or privacy screen if this may flow better as an exterior feature.
This may seem like an unusual space to incorporate texture, but a bathroom is as good as any room in the home to try this out. Simply trailed with picture perfect layers of towels, or some beautiful décor elements - think pumice stones, coral and textured stones. Here it’s important to invest in quality and dimension, whether this is a frayed edge on your towels or some artfully displayed robes, ensure they serve a purpose. For additions of warmth, consider minimal wooden additions – this could be hooks, handles, towel racks or otherwise – to add natural textures within the bathroom
If you’ve almost ticked all the boxes, then perhaps it’s time to consider your outdoor entertaining. Outside is the perfect place for textural elements. Aside from being able to incorporate natural elements incredibly easily through living fibres i.e plants, there are many outdoor furnishing options suitable and durable for the outdoors. Often specifically designed to accommodate your need for textures, with woven pieces taking pride of place.

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