The Multipurpose Appliances You Need

Date: 01 February 2019

Space, in its many forms is one of the most highly regarded facets of a home. This might be linen cupboard storage, a great sized pantry, or a walk in wardrobe. Space (and storage) is often a deciding factor when selecting your home. But once it’s yours and you’ve moved in, you realise how quickly you can fill those spaces and the endless amount of room, is looking much more homely than you originally thought. And no space more so than your kitchen, your bench space quickly dissipates into thin air without carefully considering what you bring into this space. The key; choosing multipurpose appliances that tick more than one box. 
For appliances that live on your bench top, you truly need to be discerning. Not only do they take up a significant portion of room, but loaded up on to your bench they appear messy and clutter and leave you with little to no space to prepare any of your meals. Regardless of whether your culinary skills are a level 10 or a level 2 (you still need room to make 2 Minute Noodles). When deciding the appliances to have handy access to on your bench, opt for the ones that get the most use by you. Do you have a cup of tea morning and night? Then the kettle has to stay. Likewise if you’re a fiend for toast, or any other appliance that gets daily use. 
But to make those appliances deliver above and beyond their expectation is the trick, and any appliance that can perform multiple functions is immediately more valuable that a single function appliance - regardless of whether you leave it in the pantry or on the bench. Opting for a toaster oven as opposed to a standard toaster immediately gives you more functionality, especially in apartment living. Having the option to toast, bake, grill and beyond is incredibly useful from one small device when you don’t have the time to wait for your oven to heat up, or if it’s already in use. This small shift means you now have a device that takes a similar amount of space, but immediately provides you with multiple functions and options - your space is now being used more efficiently.
The same logic applies to a rice cooker vs a slow cooker. If you have an appliance that can provide both functions in one, cook rice, slow cook stew and steam veggies, then you can remove 2 other (now) unnecessary appliances from your cupboard storage or benchtop. 
When selecting your appliances, factor this into your consideration, but don’t let it blindly lead you because it can do more party tricks than the other. Consider, most importantly how you use your appliances and what for to choose the right space savers for your home.

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