Three Essentials For Your New Home

Date: 03 July 2018

When house hunting each person has a list of their essentials. Is there attic storage? What sort of access is there? Good natural light? An easterly wind? All considerations for new home buyers with a healthy market to shop in. Try as you may, curating a list that ticks everything is near impossible and upon living in your home you will discover features you can’t fathom ever having wanted (who ever thought the morning sun in the master bedroom would be delightful?). Once you’re in your new space, your home then becomes an entirely new project all together. While you were busy ticking the boxes, you overlook areas that need your attention - like your shopping list! Although you’ve got all the major pieces sorted, here are three essentials that go under the radar and make a big impact.
Simple right? Yes, this might seem obvious, your large linen cupboard and built in wardrobes were a huge selling feature for you so of course you’ve accounted for storage. This however extends to every part of your home. A storage solution for your spices, a dish caddy, your remote controls, stop me any time! Do your best to cover off as much as possible, otherwise you’ll end up with a coffee table covered in miscellaneous items, or a pantry hiding half your ingredients. The linen cupboard is obvious but a toothbrush holder may not be. Think about what you’re using in each room and how often, that will give you some insight into what might need a more accessible storage solution and what can live comfortably in a cupboard.
Window Coverings
With Winter looming, it is important to ensure you’re on your way to installing these once you move in. Window coverings act as both a privacy screen and a way to retain heat - keeping that power bill as low as possible in the cooler months. Outside of the obvious, window trimmings, whether blinds or curtains also extend your sleep in, keeping the light out and are an important tool for security. Keep in mind, many made to order coverings can take unto 4-6 weeks to be produced, be sure to factor in this timeline when planning the move if you’re after something more custom for your home.
Kitchen Gadgets
Now I don’t mean a frypan, or knives and forks, I’m fairly confident you have that covered. I’m here to reiterate the importance of kitchen items like the humble can opener. I’m talking about the items you scan over while shopping, as ones you’ll likely ‘never need’ because our products have evolved past them and therefore you leave them behind. I guarantee you, this will be the one thing you need when your dinner guests have arrived and you snap the pull tag on your can of coconut cream for your chicken curry (trust me - been there!).

Rosalie Molloy

Creative Director

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Raymond Ward-Smith (New Zealand)
09:15 AM 04 July 2018
Some good points however don't get taken in by some designer or builder who does not understand how you live or builds to a price. Most new kitchens and bathrooms don't cater for people using them but go for looks. Lights unsuitable, mirrors not over a vanity, insufficient bench space near the sink, nowhere to place hot pots, vacant space above cupboards that could be used for more cupboards, instead of collecting dust, for those rarely used items. Round the ends of benches instead of sharp corners that young children hit heads on and old people's bodies.
Example, we had made a free standing wooden cutting block, drawer underneath, addtional shelf below (all oiled). When stored next to the wall was not used as much as now as a small island in the middle of the kitchen where it it is used all the time. Most used pots sit on the shelf below. Separate cutting board now seldom needed and hot things can be placed on it, or on the sink/bench top of SS and tile. A few thoughts.