Tips And Tricks To Maximise Your Storage

Date: 22 May 2018

Storage is one of the most sought after features when searching for a new home. Extra storage makes a home all the more attractive to potential buyers, whether it’s additional garage space for your mountain bikes (that you never ride but promise you’re going to start using) or a walk in wardrobe (yes, yes and yes!) these features are a calling card because people crave order and functionality, at least in some capacity. What this means for you is that if you plan on spending some time in your home that you should consider where you can maximise your storage to create a living environment that is spacious and well thought out.
Take advantage of the space that you do have
This is really about utilising any areas that have not reached their full potential. Small changes like taking your kitchen cabinetry and extending it floor to ceiling maximises the space that may have sat above the cupboards, unused and collecting dust. You may have only added centimetres on either side, but this could result in the inclusion of an entire other shelf to fill.
Incorporate storage in unassuming places
Finding space where perhaps traditionally there wasn’t is such a useful way to up the anti. Looking at furniture like a master bed or lounge and selecting an option that has built in storage underneath is a great way to add depth and storage solution for items you may not use too frequently. Some lounges or ottomans will even be hollow, perfect for soft furnishings that you may not want to display. Ultimately this could free up some wall space, or keep the cupboards at a level that is full, but functional.
Think small
The vacuum cupboard has to be one of the most underrated storage solutions in the business. Everyones all, attics and garages but it’s important to take notice of the small things as well. There is often ample opportunities to create narrow storage solutions with a big impact and now there are plenty of accessories to build a space that you’ll forget how to live without. Small spice drawers, wine racks, there are so many options to explore, I just takes a little imagination.
Work smarter not harder
Sometimes it’s about using the same space in a slightly different way. Perhaps it’s using the same drawer and separating it with dividers to store items vertically. This is particularly useful for kitchen commodities like baking trays that are normally stacked on top of one another, storing them vertically means it can operate almost like a filing cabinet and you don’t have to take out all the other trays to find just the right one you’re looking for. You could use a similar tactic in your linen cupboard by storing each set of sheets inside one pillowcase (revolutionary!) this makes stacking simple and you’ll never accidentally pull out 3 other pillowcases with the one you were looking for.
Author: Rosalie Molloy 


Tags: Home Renovations, Home Storage, Space Saving