Transforming Your Kitchen In A Few Easy Steps

Date: 30 July 2018

Your kitchen space is looking tired, a little time worn and well past it’s used by date (see what I did there!). But at this point in your renovations, it’s not a priority for you, it’s functional – which is more than you can say for other areas of your home – and works ‘just fine’ but awe-inspiring it is not. However your budget is limiting at this time and although eventually you’d like to overhaul it completely, you’re looking for smaller investments to ensure the space isn’t such an eyesore in your home. Cue a few functional, more budget friendly kitchen hacks to freshen your space.
Starting with the finishes. Relatively simple to change and convenient to source. Swap out every door handle, or cupboard doorknob in sight and replace it with something modern and refined that pairs back with your existing cabinetry or colour scheme. This is something that on it’s own may have small impact on the overall look and feel of the space, but paired with a few other small changes (or some bigger ones) can work towards a more cohesive feeling home.
Sitting in the finishes category, but another facet to consider is your tapware! Updating your tapware will come in at a slightly higher price point thank your door handles, but depending on the state of your existing tapware this can be a functional change as well. If you’re inevitably planning an entire kitchen renovation in the coming months/years then opt for something clean and minimal, that can easily slot into your existing décor and also mould to what your home may transition into over that period.  
Don’t be afraid to resurface! Where to even begin with this, if you can see it, you can probably resurface it. Whether that’s painting, laminate, acrylic, the options are overwhelming. There are so many things you can paint that you never realised - laminate cupboard doors, your tile splashback, wooden cabinetry, even your bench top – choosing the places you’d like to resurface and the method is key. For something low cost and reasonably low maintenance, you should consider repainting cabinetry to reflect the colour scheme of your renovations. Barr a weekend out of action, a few paint stained clothes and multiple Bunnings trips, this won’t break the bank. Make sure you have plenty of drop sheets and pick a weekend where the forecast looks friendly. Ensure when choosing your paints you opt for something more durable. Your kitchen cabinets will likely see oil spills, water, sauces and all manner of kitchen incidences so consider this when choosing colour and durability.

Rosalie Molloy

Creative Director

Tags: Renovations, Kitchen, Property, DIY