Trend Report: Modern Bohemian

Date: 20 March 2018

It’s so easy to become caught up in waves of trends as they sweep through homes across the country, contagious almost, until every one of your friends has a ‘one of a kind’, hand carved ornament from India, but before you turn away - after all, no one likes a cliche - there are so many ways you can take a trend and make it your own. When you hear the word bohemian, you think quintessential Bali and you see a woman swirling around her house in a crazily patterned dress, with a head scarf, smelling of potpourri, this is not the life you imagined for yourself. But moderation in most things can bring a reinvigorated perspective and this is no different in your home. Modern bohemian is the idyllic balance between luxe and bohemian and elevates the bohemian trend to one worth exploring.

You can begin by breaking the trend down into bite sized pieces.What is at the core of this style? Where was it influenced by? Where did it begin? I would always start with deconstructing the colour base and see where that takes you. Bohemian lends itself to earthy tones, clay, burnt orange, coffee, so look around your home, is there anywhere you can incorporate that base? Your dining room might be crying out for some warmth, you just need to decide how you integrate those tones and you can do this without even touching the colour of the walls. To keep it feeling fresh, pair your earthy touches with shiny gold or rose gold decor features to add a luxury to the space.

Texture is the next key element you can revisit. Natural fibres are iconic to the bohemian trend, in rugs, cushions and furnishings, whether it’s raffia, woven fibres or wood, you can find these appearing in so many categories - in fact you may even have some already, it’s just about making them shine. Merging both bohemian and modern elements you can take the opportunity to bring in a contemporary feature. Try raw linen as your natural texture, a white linen couch, with a burnt orange throw and a raffia rug, now that is modern bohemian at it’s best!

There is no need to buy into a trend that you don’t feel is truly you, but some are long lasting. Almost all trends can be pulled a part to marry with your personal style. Whether you change the colour or texture, carefully pairing back with a modern base will elevate this to create a space that is timeless.

Rosalie Molloy

Creative Director

Posted: 20 March 2018

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