Why You Should Ignore Every Interior Trend and How to Find Your Style

Date: 15 November 2018

Interior trends are for rookies – it’s impossible to jump on to every trend as they pass through, there’s something new every week and although it’s fun to envision, it’s hardly realistic to consider each trend and transform your home and it’s definitely not budget friendly. So, to hell with all of that, to take inspiration is another thing entirely and if that floats your boat then by all means, take that trend and make it your own but by doing a little research you can be guided by your own taste and create a space that is wholly you, without worrying about whether it will be ‘outdated’ in a month. Focus on the longevity of your style and you’ll always feel at home.
Start with a mood board, this will give you a true insight into your style. Perhaps the easiest way to do this it to jump on Pinterest and get pinning. You can do this with the latest episode of Survivor on in the background and doesn’t require a whole lot of energy, but it will allow you to sense a pattern. You’ll see colours your drawn to, and shapes that seem to tickle your fancy and you’ll be able to use this to guide your decisions, confident the result will be a space you adore. We recommend creating this over a few weeks to really understand your style profile.
Focus on complimentary colours and textures to achieve a look that is classic and elevated. Choose your hero colours – the ones that seem to appear most in your mood board – and find them some friends, complimentary colours that work well with your vision and really amplify your chosen palette. If you’re drawn to terracotta colours, then compliments would be warm hues in a range of shades. Choose an anchor colour (white, cream, black – any neutral hue) and use this to tie your hero back and build additional complimentary colours from there. You can filter these in through soft furnishings and beautiful décor to add depth to your colour scheme and keep your hero colour centre stage on the wall. The trick here is establishing a tonal finish so keep this in mind when choosing.
Forget about classic vs contemporary, when finding your style, it is about fusing the two to create spaces that exude comfort with modern touches. Take elements from each and intricately weave them into your home. There is no reason you can’t have a modern coffee table because you have a vintage cornice trimming. Choose how you integrate this into your interior style with a little flair of your own.

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