Your Guide To Using Your Bar

Date: 06 August 2018

Ah, the old faithful bar. A space to truly maximise your ability to entertain in your home. Although seldom used to their full capacity, a bar, in the right room, with the right tools, can be an asset to your entertaining formula. When curated carefully your bar should celebrate all the magic about hosting. A space to gather around, or create exciting concoctions for your guests, at the very least have the ability to crack a bottle. Depending on your space your bar can be a low maintenance kitchen accessory or a stand-alone feature, create a space that best reflects your entertaining style.
A Casual After Work Wine, Bar
This style of entertaining calls for a bar cart! To be whipped out for the casual after work wine or cheeky beer. Minimal and functional, you can slot a mini bar cart alongside your kitchen, or as a side table in your living room. Utilising the right design can serve as a multi-purpose piece and it also easily manoeuvrable. At its least functional it includes a minimum of 4 glasses, a bottle opener and straws. But when truly allowed to shine, it can cover glassware, a small selection of liquor, all sorts of serving tools - think stirrer, bottle opener etc – here however you can complement your interiors. Greenery, coloured glass, vases, artful coasters and even cocktail recipe books can be styled here to pair form with function beautifully.
Fully Fledged Party Home, Bar
Your home is known for entertaining! You host a celebration like no one else and everyone always wants to have the after party at your place. Your set up is second to none. Although you may not have loads of space to work with, you take the time to ensure your home has all the features you need to pull this off every time without any notice. This bar is a fixed feature in your home, incorporating drawers and cupboards for additional storage. Ideal for multiple glassware options, champagne flutes, wine glasses, crystal cut tumblers and beer pints are all at home here. As this feature is a permanent fixture, it’s important you choose a piece that pairs with your interior style but can also be used to store and display. Some of your most beautiful glassware can be displayed and now is the time to invest in an accompanying ice bucket, and cocktail tumbler. This can incorporate a wine rack for the ultimate storage solution, or a small mini fridge depending on your configuration.

Rosalie Molloy

Creative Director

Tags: Home Entertaining, Bar, Bar Cart, Home Decor



Chris Taplin (New Zealand)
12:35 AM 18 August 2018
Having a well appointed, well stocked cocktail or wine bar in the home is something of an acknowledgement that one has grown up. A gesture - denoting style, sophistication and preparedness.
Just add music.