Property Trends

CoreLogic NZ Ltd powers to provide a wide range of property information to help you make smarter property decisions. Whether you’re buying a family home or looking for an investment our latest statistics can help you to understand the market better

Residential House Values

Updated monthly, this gives you the average property values in a given area. It allows you to compare two different months for the same area, giving the percentage change in value during that time.

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Compare District Growth

The QV Quarterly House Price Index measures the movement in house prices for each Local Council, providing an indicator of capital growth and how prices are trending in an area. It also allows for a direct comparison between different areas within New Zealand. The latest values are provisional.

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Rental Analysis

This will give you an idea of rent levels in each area. It outlines median rent, number of bonds, median E-Valuer, gross yield as well as both annual rent and annual E-Valuer change.

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Residential Sales Prices

This gives you the number of sales in your suburb, median sale prices and the percentage difference between sale prices and Capital Value for the 3 months 1st November 2018 to 31st January 2019

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Commercial and industrial sales summary

This half yearly report contains the number, average sale price and average price per square metre for commercial and industrial properties in each of the main urban areas.

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Rural sales summary

This half yearly report gives you the number, average sale price, average price per hectare and average production per hectare for each rural category (arable, dairy, fattening, grazing, horticultural, specialist livestock and lifestyle) in each of the farmland districts.

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Customised Property Statistics

Can’t find the property information or market statistics you need? We can produce specialised reports tailored to your requirements priced on application.

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Use of information

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