Glen Innes, Auckland

About Glen Innes, Auckland

Glen Innes is a suburb of Auckland. It is located nine kilometres east of the central city, near the Tamaki River. Glen Innes was first settled by Europeans in the mid 1800s with the farm estate of the Taylor Brothers initiating settlement when William Innes Taylor, one of the brothers, claimed the area and began to sell off the land as more settlers arrived into the area. Glen Innes became more developed, particularly with the construction of the railway around the 1880s to early 1890s, aiding further urban settlement into the area. Today Glen Innes is largely residential and until recently contained mostly state housing. Recent gentrification, however, has led to more modern, developed housing in the area, including apartment-style properties, making the area even more desirable to live in. Glen Innes has access to a range of shops throughout the area, including easy access to all the amenities central Auckland has to offer. Glen Innes has a range of shops on its main streets and is close to the Paddington Reserve and the Wimbledon Reserve, both lovely opportunities for a leisurely walk, family picnic or other recreational activities.

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