Full Market Valuations

A Full Market Valuation is completed by a Registered Valuer based upon a full inspection of your property as well as related sales in the area being analysed typically used for a variety of reasons, including securing finance when buying.


Why Get a Full Valuation?

A Full Market Valuation can be required for a variety of different reasons, including securing finance when purchasing a property, for refinancing and when selling. However, check with your bank first as each has their own specific lending criteria.

How is it Calculated?

A Full Market Valuation involves a full inspection of the property as well as an analysis of related sales in the area. The local valuer will then apply their local knowledge and expertise to prepare a final report, which will outline the current market value of your property.

Once your property has been assessed and recent sales analysed, your final report will include:

  • A current market value of the property
  • A description of the property as seen by the valuer, including commentary on features that are affecting the value
  • A list of comparable recent sales in the area, including descriptions and photos of the properties that were used in assessing your property
  • Property photo/s
  • Market commentary

Getting a Full Market Valuation

To order a Full Market Valuation, simply search for the property you wish to be valued, click Buy next to Full Market Valuation on the Valuations tab and fill out the order form. In some cases you will be required to call QV Ltd to order your Full Market Valuation, this information will be available in the valuations tab on the property you are looking at. The request will be directed to a local valuer in your area to complete the valuation of the property.

Whilst residential valuations are the most common, a Full Market Valuation can also be undertaken for other properties, such as lifestyle and rural properties.

Who Does the Valuation?

A Full Market Valuation is completed by a Registered Valuer, to provide more assurance, Registered Valuers are guided by requirements set by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers and the Property Institute of New Zealand Standards. You can also contact the valuer at anytime to get answers to questions you may have about your valuation.

E-Valuer, the Fast, Low Cost Alternative

For the fraction of the cost of a Full Market Valuation you can purchase an E-valuer. An E-valuer gives you an instant estimate of the current market value for a property. It is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and is based on recent, nearby comparable sales. Ideal for when preparing for negotiations or looking to see how much your property is worth before selling. Many banks accept E-valuers and may not require you to undertake a full market valuation so make sure you check with them when looking to buy, sell or refinance


E-Valuer, the fast low cost alternative

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