Pricing and Property Packs

Get access to property information for a specific address, street, suburb or region. From Rating Valuations and previous sales of the property, to more detailed local sales, Certificate of Title and building consent information. For the best value, we have created a number of property packs to meet your needs when looking for information on a property or multiple properties. 

The E-Valuer

An E-valuer gives you an instant estimate of the current market value for a property. It is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and is based on recent, nearby comparable sales. Ideal for when preparing for negotiations or looking to see how much your property is worth before selling.

Our Reports

Buying and selling can be hard enough without worrying about what information you need and when. Whether buying, selling or renovating there is key information to understand at each step to ensure you make the right decisions. 

Full Market Valuations

Completed by a Registered Valuer, a Full Market Valuation involves a full inspection of the property as well as an analysis of related sales in the area. The local valuer will then apply their local knowledge and expertise to prepare a final report, which will outline the current market value of your property.