Pricing & Property Packs

For the best value, we have created a number of property packs to meet your needs when looking for information on a property or multiple properties. The table below lists the property information available within each pack. You can also search for a property using the search box above and see what information is available.

Once you purchase any property information, you can continue to access view it by searching for the same address. It will also be saved in My QV for easy, future reference. We will also alert you when new or updated information is available that relates to the information you have already bought.


Pay only once

If you purchase a property report and in the future need more information, you can purchase one of our property packs and automatically receive a discounted price for any information that overlaps. So, you only pay once for the original information.

If the price for a given pack is discounted, not all parts of that pack are available for the property you've searched for. Please check across all tabs before you purchase any pack that the property information you require is available.

Which Report or Pack is right for me?

Click here to find out what property information will help you as part of buying, selling or owning a home.

The Comprehensive Report

The Comprehensive Report contains all available information on a single property, This will give you a complete view of a property and its neighbourhood, including an E-valuer, Certificate of Title details, local sales, a hazard summary and demographic profile of the area. If some information is not available the report will be discounted to reflect this.

The Home Buyers Pack

Aptly named the Home Buyers Pack is a cost effective way for home hunters to get a comprehensive view of multiple properties. Save over $250 compared to buying individual Comprehensive Reports and get more robust information to help you decide whether to take the next step and invest in a building report or LIM.

Additional Valuations and Documents

Full Market Valuation
unique to property

Title Documents

Need to obtain a legal property document? You can order an official copy of a Title document and have it delivered within 30 minutes.

Title documents can be ordered anytime, orders are processed on business days between 8.00am and 6.00pm. For example, if you order a title document on Friday at 5.45pm, you should expect to receive that document as an emailed PDF on the next business day (usually the following Monday).

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