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About Our Services

QV is at the heart of nearly every property transaction in New Zealand. We offer a wide range of property valuation and rating services to help Kiwis make smarter property decisions.



Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, insure, build, or rent, get a professional assessment of how much your property is worth from New Zealand’s leading property experts.

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Rating Valuations

QV is trusted by more councils than any other rating valuation provider in New Zealand. Working together, we help deliver essential services to your local community.

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Property Info

Access the rating valuation details on any property in New Zealand and the property data that the valuation is based on. Where QV is the valuation service provider, you can inform us of any additions, changes or queries to the data through our portal at

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Our Brands

The QV Group has a range of activities, providing professional property services to help New Zealanders make better property decisions.

Whether you’re looking to cost a build or you want advanced commercial and industrial property solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Our Darroch brand provides New Zealand with niche quality commercial and industrial property professional services. CostBuilder provides a depth of property cost information, and QV Australia provides specialist rating and taxation valuation in New South Wales, Australia, including the valuation of the CBD area in Sydney.

About our brands
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About QV

Quotable Value (QV) has been at the heart of nearly every property transaction in New Zealand since 1879. We help local government, ratepayers, businesses and the public at large make smarter property decisions.

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