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Graduate and Scholarship Programme

Take the first step in your valuation career with Quotable Value (QV). We’re market leaders in property and valuation services across New Zealand, delivering trusted property intelligence to help government, business and the public make better decisions.

What to expect out of the Graduate Programme

A complete introduction to QV, our systems and our work processes.

  • Development and fine-tuning of your valuation skills, through valuing a range of property types for a variety of purposes.
  • Support to develop your portfolio of valuation reports, which you can use to apply for your registration.
  • Work opportunities in varied locations that will challenge and extend your knowledge of the New Zealand property market.

QV Scholarship Programme

We’re proud to offer an annual scholarship programme for outstanding students who are studying for a degree in Valuation, Property Management or Rural Valuation.

We have two scholarships on offer:

1) QV Scholarship

2) QV Māori/Pasifika Scholarship

Both recognise and reward students who are full-time undergraduate students, are accepted for their final year of study and are passionate about property valuation

It’s open for students who have just finished their second year of study and have been accepted for a final year – you must also be seeking a career in Property Valuation and want to become a registered valuer.

So, if you’re passionate about property, are a strong team player with great communication skills, then QV’s scholarship programme is a great opportunity for you. As part of our Scholarship Programme, you’ll be awarded:

  • A grant of up to $3,500 to help pay for your final-year university fees
  • Work experience opportunities during your final year of study
  • An assigned mentor for your final year of study
  • At the completion of your studies, you’ll be considered for a place in our Graduate Programme

Interested? Click here to see when applications or opportunities open.

What we are looking for

Passion for property. Great property consultants are team players and analytical thinkers, with strong attention to detail and commercial awareness. They have excellent communication skills, a thirst for knowledge, the ability to work alongside key stakeholders, and a drive to succeed and become a registered valuer.

Sounds like you? Learn what we’re looking for and jump on board.


Learning is natural to you. You must have a property degree from Lincoln, Massey, the University of Auckland, or other internationally recognised universities.

You must also be eligible and flexible to work in NZ or Australia.

Selection Process

Please keep an eye out on our graduate page for when applications or opportunities open.

Please submit your application online, along with CV and a cover letter that tells us what makes you our next property expert. For some positions, you may be required to complete a questionnaire.

Successful applicants will be invited for a panel interview with one of some of our leaders. These interviews are designed to help us understand your perspective and skillset, as well as learn a bit more about the personality behind the application. Who are you? What would your ideal career look like? Why property? Why QV? We want to know who you are and what motivates you.

Interviews will also have competency based questions around valuation assessments and site analysis.

This process is just as much about us impressing you, as you selling your skills and experience to us. We’ll cover the role and programme, as well as the development opportunities available for you. Got any questions? Fire away. Let’s find out exactly why we’re perfect for each other.