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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Quotable Value ("QV") is a State-Owned Enterprise (governed by the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986). QV collects personal information in connection with it being able to deliver valuation services, related property information and data services to consumers, local authorities, central government and private enterprise.

In the case of individuals, QV is committed to the protection of your privacy and its obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, which restricts the use of personal information. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") sets out how QV collects, holds, uses, destroys and discloses your personal information in respect of services provided by it on or in connection with the services.

The Policy applies to all personal information held by QV. The Policy aims to ensure QV and all recipients of personal information held by QV manage information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 or any replacement legislation ("Privacy Act") and in particular the Information Privacy Principles. The Policy also aims to ensure that the information held and disclosed by QV is used in a fair, honest and ethical manner and due regard is had to the privacy of individuals, the subject of the information.

The information held by QV falls into two categories:

  • Publicly available information as defined by the Privacy Act. That is, information sourced from a public register, primarily the Territorial Authority District Valuation Rolls.
  • Personal and other information which is not sourced from and/or contained on a public register. This primarily consists of data which supports the information in the District Valuation Roll and other property related information, including from individuals who request QV to provide valuation services, in which case QV will collect information including your name, address, email address, and phone number and QV will store that information for the purpose of provide the services and for billing purposes.

Collection of information

QV collects and holds personal information in the course of carrying out its functions. The collection, access and release of personal information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act. In accordance with the Privacy Act, QV will only collect information that is necessary for it to collect for a lawful purpose connected with a function or activity of QV.

QV collects its information from a public register (the District Valuation Roll) and from the District Valuation Roll supporting data held by territorial authorities which is available to the public on request. QV also collects other personal information through the performance of its functions and services. QV will not re-sort, or combine personal information obtained from any public register for the purpose of selling personal information assembled in a form in which that personal information could not be obtained directly from the register.

QV will collect information only by lawful and fair means and in a manner that does not intrude to an unreasonable extent upon the personal affairs of the individual concerned.

Storage and security of information

QV stores information and in particular personal information in a secure environment to minimise the risk of loss and unauthorised use. QV and all other users of the information take all reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse and loss from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. QV may outsource the storage of personal information to third parties if required. If personal information is stored with a third party, QV will ensure everything reasonably within the power of QV is done to prevent unauthorised use or unauthorised disclosure of the information.

All recipients of information disclosed by QV must take all reasonable steps to protect any personal information, by reasonable security safeguards, against loss, use, modification or disclosure and other misuse.

QV will not hold personal information for longer than what it is reasonably required to be held for and if no longer required personal information will be destroyed in a secure manner.

Access to, correction of, and accuracy of personal information

Under the Privacy Act (subject to certain limitations), you have the right to request access to personal information held by QV about you, and to have it corrected if it is not correct.

QV will not use any personal information held by it without first taking reasonable steps to check that the information is accurate, complete, relevant, up to date and not misleading, having regard for the purpose for which that information is to be used.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Personal information held by QV will only be used or disclosed in accordance with the law and in particular the Privacy Act.

Information (including personal information and photographs) collected by QV may be disclosed to its clients and customers for valuation or re-sale purposes. QV will remove any images within photos that are personal in nature or could be reasonably likely to identify the owner of the property.

QV may disclose personal information to its subsidiaries or affiliates and to third parties that QV hires to provide services on its behalf, including, but not limited to, support services, website services, delivering promotional materials, other promotions, and answering customer questions about QV’s products and services. These subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties may be located overseas. Sometimes overseas recipients of personal information may not be required to protect it in a way that provides comparable safeguards to those in the New Zealand Privacy Act. QV will only provide those third parties with the personal information that they need to deliver the services to QV and/or on QV’s behalf.

Website tracking and measurement

QV uses Google Analytics and Google’s DoubleClick to collect information on how you use its services and to analyse that use. The services are used to aggregate website statistics anonymously, such as number of page views, the number of unique visitors, time spent on our site, and to determine advertising effectiveness. On occasion, random short surveys may also be used to collect further information about our users – participation in these surveys will be entirely voluntary.

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect, store, and transmit information about your use of the website or the mobile application to Google. Further information about how Google Analytics collects and processes data can be found at the following link:

QV uses the Google Analytics Display Advertising feature "Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reporting" which enables Google Analytics to collect data about the age, gender and interests of visitors to the website or mobile applications via cookies and anonymous identifiers. Google will collect, store, and use this information to create statistical reports about the use of the website or mobile application. For further information about DoubleClick, view their Privacy Policy. Visitors can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features through their Ads Settings or any other available means. Google Analytics’ currently available opt outs can be found at:

Online advertising

QV uses third party vendors, including Google, to display advertising on websites across the internet. These third party vendors may also use cookies to anonymously track and target advertising based on your browsing behaviour. You can choose to refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive.

More information

QV has appointed a Privacy Officer who is responsible for managing any queries or complaints that may arise. Should you have any further queries please contact the Privacy Officer who will be able to assist you.

Privacy Officer

Quotable Value Limited

Private Bag 39818




Amendments to the Policy

QV will review and update this policy from time to time on this website.