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Promotion and Partner Offers – Terms and Conditions

Get CostBuilder for Winter $50 Off

  • QV CostBuilder is providing a limited time offer to website visitors that do not currently have a CostBuilder subscription. To access this offer, go to the Pricing Page, follow the instructions to create an account and apply the discount code. The discount will be applied at the payment processing stage
  • The CostBuilder for Winter offer (WINTER24) is available from 6 May until 11.59pm 4 June 2024
  • Offer description: $50 off ex GST for single subscribers and 16.73% off all new accounts of between 2-10 users
  • The offer with the code (WINTER24), applies to new CostBuilder customers selecting subscriptions of 10 users or under
  • The discount is applied to the first year subscription only, after which, the standard subscription pricing applies.
  • QV CostBuilder reserves the right to change, cancel or extend the sale, at QV’s discretion
  • All other standard CostBuilder terms & conditions apply.