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5 easy ways to boost the value of your home before you sell


Want to boost the value of your home before you sell? You’re in the right place.

We’re certainly not talking large-scale renovations here, such as adding bedrooms or even a second story to your house (that wouldn’t be easy, would it?), and we’re not talking about home maintenance either, which has more to do with reducing depreciation than adding value.

These are the quick, relatively inexpensive wins that can add immense value to your home – either at an emotive or financial level.


Kitchens often feature near the top of a buyers’ list of priorities. Usually, big and modern kitchens are more desirable than small and old-fashioned ones – but you’ll need to price your kitchen upgrades or renovations to the relative standards of the rest of your house or suburb.

High-end products in an otherwise modest house or suburb are unlikely to boost your home’s value as much as they would in a flashier house or suburb, and cheap fittings or fixtures where quality is demanded could even result in a drop in value, as prospective buyers will likely want to replace those items right away. The same general rule applies to all of these suggestions.

Even simple upgrades can improve the look of an older kitchen. Kitchen joinery can be painted, new handles fitted, or new cupboard doors can be installed. This is a less expensive option that can effectively modernise the existing structure and add value. Older appliances can drag down your look, so if there’s room in the budget, consider installing new ones.



Bathrooms are also very important to buyers. Original fittings and fixtures can really date an older bathroom. If the shower and bath are in good order, a new vanity can enhance the appearance of the room, along with a new coat of paint in contemporary colours.

Consider the final look of your bathroom before you start any renovations; if the various bathroom fixtures will look like a random mix of age and style, it may actually decrease the room’s appeal and lose value in the eyes of a prospective buyers. No-one wants that.


Garages add utility value, but they can also cost a lot to construct too – especially when you consider council fees, the time required to get consents and the cost to build. If you’re fortunate enough to already have one, you might want to clean it out, get rid of any clutter, make it more practical and serviceable.

You can revamp your garage by adding a workspace, a well-organised tool bench, or even by turning it into a bit of a “man cave”. Your end goal should be to transform what is probably an unremarkable garage into a remarkable-yet-practical room where a prospective homeowner won’t just park their car but can also see themselves spending time in.



Who doesn’t love a good deck? They’re a fantastic and often relatively inexpensive way to add enormous appeal and ultimately boost the value of your home.

Usually, you get the most bang for your buck where decks come directly off living areas, obtain a view, are north facing, sheltered and private. A deck should be of a size and design that will enable them to be widely utilised – such as being large enough for some outdoor seating, a table, BBQ or outdoor fire, with enough room for people to walk around it all.

Think of a deck as another living room, only outside – if it doesn’t draw you in, then it’s long-term value may be questionable at best.

A fresh coat of paint

Presentation is crucial when selling a house. We all know how important a first impression is. That’s why you might consider on slapping your house with another coat of paint, inside and out. You might be surprised how vibrant, clean, and modern your home will look afterwards.

It needn’t be expensive, either. It’s often not too difficult to do it yourself, but make sure you use high-quality paint brushes and rollers (trust us on this) and cover your carpet and furniture to protect it from drips.

Make sure you prime the walls before you paint, and, if you’re thinking of painting your walls canary yellow, please don’t. We strongly recommend you paint in more neutral colours that won’t scare off prospective buyers. Then again, maybe Big Bird is looking for a new abode.