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Asset Valuation

We provide asset valuations on a range of fixed and infrastructure assets, including land and buildings and much more.

Who is it for

If you’re a business owner, accurately valued assets ensures transparency, accuracy and disclosure to shareholders and regulatory authorities. It can also help you mitigate risk.

We can provide valuations on a wide range of fixed and infrastructure assets, including land and buildings, and plant and machinery, as well as complex assets, such as water and sewerage systems, and roading networks.

How it works

As New Zealand’s leading valuation provider, we can complete any of your asset valuation requirements. Simply give us a call on 0800 16 44 44 and we’ll chat through what those requirements are and how we can help.

Once we’ve completed your asset valuation, your valuer will be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Why QV?

The market is constantly changing and the regulator environment along with it.

By working with QV, you can be confident that our specialist team of asset valuers will bring the right mix of experience and due diligence, with innovative best-practise methodology.