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Verified QV Report

Need a fast verification of the computer-generated QV e-Report? Get advice from one of our expert valuers. Simply order a verified QV online and receive a report within 2 business days. No inspection is required. (Residential properties only).

Request a verified QV

Who is it for?

When you need to know the estimated value of a property but don't require a full market valuation report. Ideal for making a range of property decisions such as what to offer for a property on the market or transferring assets into or out of a trust.

While no onsite inspection is required, a valuer will verify all the information in the report ensuring its accuracy. Please note, as no onsite inspection is done, this report is not suitable for lending purposes.

How does it work?

A verified QV involves our valuers undertaking individual research on the estimate of value for your property by checking that the details of the property are all correct and considering the recent comparable sales in the locality. We make every endeavour to verify the properties physical attributions and condition as part of this process.

What is the cost?

$280 inclusive of GST for a standard residential property. Exclusions from this price do apply where there are added complexity for our valuers – such as leaky buildings, “as is where is” properties, properties over $4 million in value, etc. Our people will contact you shortly after your request if our standard fee does not apply.

It is intended as a cost-effective alternative to the full market report, for when a more comprehensive valuation is not required.