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Rating Revaluation Schedule

Every property in NZ has a rating value, which is usually assessed every three years. The assessment is completed by your council or on behalf of them by a Valuation Service Provider such as Quotable Value (QV).

Rating Revaluations

All properties in a local council area are assessed as at the same date. This means that the rating valuation is reached using the same process and reflects the same market trends as every other property in your area.

A rating value is just one of a combination of factors that councils use to determine the rates you pay on your property. The 'Rating Valuation as at:' date, shows the date that property's rating value was effective from, and does not mean the date your council rates will be effective from. Your new council rates are effective from 1 July of the year following the rating valuation.

The council regions listed below are due to have their three-yearly rating valuation assessment. This table displays the:

  • Council.
  • Rating Valuation as at date - also called the effective date.
  • Public notice – the date the revaluation is publicly notified in regional newspapers.
  • Owners notice due to be sent - the date updated owners notices are due to be posted to property owners.
  • Objection close off date.

2023 Revaluation Time Table Effective 11 June 2024