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QV Launches Virtual Property Inspections During Lockdown

An inability to inspect properties during the lockdown hasn’t deterred QV from offering its customers a valuation solution.

A dedicated web portal enables photographs of the property and other documents to be loaded by the property owner or real estate agent. This virtual valuation allows banks and other lending institutions to continue to make lending decisions, without breaching lockdown protocols.

QV General Manager David Nagel said: “There are a number of pipeline transactions that couldn’t settle prior to the lockdown on 25th March. This tool provides a valuation solution so that banks can make lending decisions with confidence, rather than wait until the lockdown ends.”

“QV has the most comprehensive property database in New Zealand including individual property characteristics for every residential property in the country. When we combine this with photos and information provided by the property owner, we can value the property with a level of confidence similar to a full inspection,” says Mr Nagel.

All the information is collected on a confidential basis and held in a secure database. Information must be verified by the owner to prevent fraudulent photos and data being loaded mischievously.

“A desktop solution is critical for our customers as we adapt to Level 4 lockdown protocols and enable property transactions to continue. Once the country moves back to Level 2 or 3, then we will utilise kerbside inspections to provide even greater confidence to the lender,” says Mr Nagel.

Customers can order a desktop virtual valuation or by phoning us on 0800 16 44 44.