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Urgent Rating Review

Recently completed work on your property and want it reflected in your rating value? Get in touch for an urgent rating valuation review.

Request Urgent Rating Review

What is an urgent rating review?

Rating valuations are usually carried out on all New Zealand properties every three years. However, if you wish to request for your rating to reflect the current condition of your property, without having to wait for another general revaluation to roll around, then you can request an urgent rating valuation review by one of our experienced property valuers.

They will check the accuracy of the most recent property valuation and the details held on it. Then they will compare your property’s characteristics to those of similar properties, as at the date of your council’s last revaluation, to determine whether your rating value should be changed.

This review is not a current market valuation. If you're after a current market valuation, please click here for a current market estimate.

When should you request a review?

You may have completed some work on your property that didn’t require a building consent – such as a deck, landscaping, or a new kitchen – or you may simply consider that your rating valuation was not right at the time of your council’s last revaluation and missed the deadline to raise an objection.

Only an owner or the ratepayer of a property can request an urgent rating value review. To order one, please enter your address to search for your property and then select ‘order’ under urgent update to rating value.

Please note that there is a charge for this service.