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Family matters: new QV parental leave enhancements

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We value whānau. That’s why we provide extensive sick leave and support for you and your whānau, so you can achieve the right work/life balance.

It’s also why we recently announced a raft of significant enhancements to our parental leave benefits, designed around our commitment to equity, inclusivity, and flexibility. We want our QV whānau to have all the support they need as they embark upon their exciting journey as parents.

Our new parental leave enhancements include:

  • Salary top-up for 12 weeks: QV will top up government paid parental leave payments so that our people continue to receive their full salary for 12 weeks. This is available to primary carers, regardless of gender.
  • Superannuation payments for 12 weeks: Those receiving government paid parental leave will continue to receive the full employer superannuation contribution for 12 weeks.
  • Annual leave at full pay: Annual leave is paid at full value on return from parental leave.
  • Paid partner leave: QV provides a week of paid leave for our people who are not primary carers taking government leave.
  • Coaching, flexibility, and support: All of our people have continued access to coaching, resources, and support through our Employee Assistance Programme, as well as support for flexible working arrangements before and on return to work.

Regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender, we’re always committed to providing all our people with greater support and flexibility during life’s crucial moments.


“This is such a huge help”

With the rising cost of living, it can be incredibly challenging financially for new parents to take time away from work.

Registered valuer and mother-to-be Olivia Brownie has been saving to go on maternity leave later this year — and says the timing of these parental leave enhancements could not have been better for her and her new family.

“This is such a huge help. These days you have to save up to have that time away, and then I’m sure many parents would then obviously like to spend as much time at home as they possibly can with their little one before they return to work,” she says.

“When it is eventually time for me to come back to work, I feel confident that I’ll be able to have my career and be a mother too. I feel very fortunate to be in a profession that I love, working for an organisation that values whānau and flexibility.”

“Really positive for our family”

We also know the vital role that partners can play when adjusting to life with a new baby.

That’s why provide a week of paid partner leave and flexible working arrangements to help ease this transition, so partners can bond with their baby and be with their whānau to experience the special moments.

Canterbury QV manager and brand-new dad Brendon McCurley was pleased to be by his wife’s side every step of the way. “It’s been really positive for our family,” he says. “Being home and bonding with our new child has been great for all of us.”

“This is a major moment in all of our lives — I would never want to miss it, and the fact that I’m able to take paid leave certainly helps eases the financial burden a fair bit,” he adds.


We value whānau — and we’re proud to show it

As a business, we believe it’s important to be transparent. So we’re proud to share the full details of QV’s parental leave entitlements on the New Zealand Parental Leave Register, which has been created by financial wellbeing platform Crayon to promote transparency around parental leave.

Like Crayon, we believe that raising the bar for all Kiwi parents is important for the economic, physical, and social wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand. It also underscores our commitment as a State Owned Enterprise to help lift our motu’s wellbeing and living standards.

In addition to these parental leave enhancements, we continue to invest in our people through our wellbeing programme, remain committed to ongoing learning, development and career progression, and support flexible working.

Together, we will succeed.
Mā tōu rourou, mā tōku rourou ka ora tātou.